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Dr. James Strother

Assistant Professor
Department of Integrative Biology
Oregon State University

Cordley Hall, Room 2112

Mailing Address:
3029 Cordley Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

Biographic Information

After earning his Bachelor's degree in Physics from UC-Berkeley, James Strother studied vertebrate physiology and biomechanics in Dr. Matthew McHenry's research group at UC-Irvine. His research during this period touched on a number of topics, but was principally focused on the sensory physiology of the lateral line system and biomechanics of the respiratory system in fishes. After earning his Ph.D. from UC-Irvine, he joined Dr. Michael Reiser's research group at Janelia Research Campus HHMI, where he studied the neural circuits of the visual system in Drosophila. For his post-doctoral research, he used calcium imaging, optogenetic manipulations, and behavioral assays to understand the architecture and function of these complex circuits. Dr. Strother is now an assistant professor at Oregon State University, where his laboratory examines how neural circuits control behavior and physiological processes using zebrafish as a model system.

Courses Taught at OSU
Z438: "Behavioral Neurobiology"
Z425: "Embryology and Development"
Z423: "Environmental Physiology"