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About the Strother Lab

The Strother Lab focuses on questions at the interface between neurobiology and physiology using zebrafish as a model system. Our lab is especially interested in understanding processes at multiple levels of organization, from the properties of individual cells up to the responses of the whole animal. Current projects in the lab examine a range of topics, including neurobiological control of physiological processes, sensory physiology, and learning and memory. Zebrafish larvae are an ideal system for these research questions, since their small size, transparency, and genetics toolkit enables unique experimental approaches. Some of the tools used in our lab include in vivo imaging of neuron activity, optogenetics, quantitative behavioral assays, electrophysiology, and computational modeling.

September 2017
Graduate Student Austin Haney joins the Strother Lab!
April 2017
James Strother publishes article on behavioral state modulation in Neuron
January 4-8, 2017
Graduate Student Sarah Alto presents poster at SICB
July 2016
James Strother gives talk at Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
May 2016
James Strother gives talk at University of Oregon
February 2016
James Strother gives talk at Hopkins Marine Station